10 Most Critical Drupal Security Risks

25 November 2014

Birmingham: Drupal, with the functional set of modules and APIs, powers ample number of websites on the mighty web. Drupal's core API has been supported over long life to diminish the common vulnerabilities. Drupal has proved to be a prime solution for many enterprises and is used to create high profile, critical websites and so on.

While codes of Drupal are really strong and mature, the security team is making a concerted effort to implement secure code; address risks and vulnerabilities that are discovered in stable releases of core projects.

Below listed are the 10 most critical Drupal security risks:

  • SQL injection
  • Cross site scripting (XSS)
  • Authentications and sessions
  • Insecure direct object references
  • Cross site request forgery (CSRF)
  • Security misconfiguration
  • Insecure cryptographic storage
  • Failure to restrict URL access
  • Insufficient transport protection
  • Un-validated redirects

How Drupal addresses these security risks?

Let us look on these risks one by one and know how Drupal is taking care of these:

1. SQL injection: It is the malicious data sent to the interpreter as a part of a command or query. In Drupal 7, a sturdy object-oriented database API makes it tough for developers to create injection holes. The file system interaction layer of Drupal limits files and alters the dangerous file extensions that could be potentially executed by the server.

2. Cross Site Scripting (XSS): XSS is the untrusted information sent by the server to a browser. Drupal is capable of removing the hazardous elements by filtering the untrusted user-generated content using its strong filtering system.

3. Authentications and sessions: Drupal manages the authentication cookies; user's name, password, ID on the server which prevents user from easily escalating the authorization.

4. Insecure direct object references: Drupal often offers direct object reference like unique numeric identifiers of user accounts or URL content. These identifiers disclose direct system information. Such rich permissions and access control systems of Drupal prevent unauthorized requests.

5. Cross site request forgery (CSRF): CSRF is like forcing a web browser to send a pirated HTTP request. Drupal verifies the user actions using standard techniques. Typical actions with side effects (like actions that remove database objects) are usually administered using HTTP post method.

6. Security misconfiguration: Drupal secures the default frameworks, platforms, applications and servers by offering reliable configuration settings. Severe risks like access to administrative site controls, input filters and other private information are confined to a single admin account.

7. Insecure cryptographic storage: Drupal core uses PHP's built-in routines to encrypt the data and in Drupal 7, it is sculpted on the reputable portable PHP password framework.

8. Failure to restrict URL access: Drupal protects URL access by a strong permission-based system that checks the permissions for every URL request, even if the path of URL is allowed to access by everyone.

9. Insufficient transport protection: Though Drupal supports SSL use while accepting connections and offering internal links, the transport layer protection is always up to the server.

10. Un-validated Redirects: Drupal 6 had recently fixed the redirection issue of off-site URLs which could be used in malicious attacks. The work is still continued for similar handling in Drupal 8.

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