4 Methods Local Businesses Must Employ for SEO with WordPress

8 August 2013

Birmingham: Hands down, a WordPress website is one of the best investments that can be made in a local company’s online lead generation hard work. Allowedly, it can also be one of the major investments. My Local Leads, a Maine based marketing firm, works on design and development as well as sustained maintenance of inexpensive WordPress websites for local businesses across the US. There are certainly some decisions that go into the initial planning and development stages that can significantly impact marketing efficiency of the site. Then, there are things that need continued and near constant observation and work. These few methods are vital to helping make a WordPress website part of a booming local search marketing campaign.

  1. Deciding the right domain name can be crucial in helping raise a websites reach, particularly in the early stages. It was popular to stuff a domain with keywords, but latest search engine algorithm updates have narrowed the value of such a practice. Branding is significant for the domain name. It needs to be simple enough for people to memorize. If a keyword fits logically, sure it can and should be added. If it ends up making it too odd, too long, or too hard to remember, it is most likely not worth it.
  2. It is also imperative to keep in mind to turn on WordPresss built in SEO tools when building a site for a local business. There is a setting under privacy of a WordPress site that will automatically hide the site from search engines, and this surely is not what anyone trying to build a site for search engine optimization wants to have set. At the same time, the WordPress website should have the permalinks set to be friendly URLs, which will help out with the site ranking.
  3. There are key add-ons that any WordPress website must have including sitemap and SEO tools. The meta titles and descriptions can be easily added with warnings and suggestions through using a tool like Yoast. The sitemap is a factor in overall page ranking and can be done automatically through a plugin every time new pages or posts are added.
  4. One more issue that business owners will want to keep an eye on with their WordPress site is the actual functionality. The site must load promptly, have no dead links, and have clean code. Ugly and broken code can spoil the rankings as well as user experience. Slow sites or sites that go down often can also be harmful to both customer experience and search engine rankings.

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