5 Reasons for You to Become a Web Developer

3 December 2015

Birmingham: According to a recent survey made on the start-up companies, web development seems to be a most sought after skill in UK. Nearly 38% of the respondents have said that web development has been the most important area of recruitment for them as the demand for technical role is higher than the demand for non-technical roles.

In fact, 60% of those surveyed said that they were looking for people with technical skills whereas 40% said that they were looking for candidates to fill business development positions.

Falling short of time and resources as well, the founders are facing tough times to find new recruits who can add some value in the fast moving teams. CWJobs, a leading IT recruitment website reported that the demand for web developers greatly outweighs the number of available candidates because of which they are paid a huge remuneration.

Below mentioned are a few reasons for you to become a web developer:

#1. Good Remuneration: As already told, the demand for web developers is overweighing the availability and the companies are offering attractive remunerations to get the best talent out.

According to the reports published on CWJobs, 57% of the London based developers are paid more than 50,000 Euros per year. Also, 40% of contracted positions are boasting over 100,000 Euros. This shows that web development is certainly an attractive career path.

#2. You can freelance: Being a web developer, you can also freelance your work and enjoy higher wages as well as a creative freedom. Having a huge demand for web developers, freelancers can now take an opportunity and choose the projects as they want.

#3. Specialization: Specializing is a way of becoming the best in your field (the field you enjoy the most). May it be CSS, HTML or JavaScript, web development career lets you concentrate on the areas you excel at.

#4. Web Development is Fun: As web technology is in constant growth, we can say that it’s pretty exciting place to be at. With numerous companies looking out for new talent, it’s definitely a great chance for developers to find their role.

#5. Expansion: As we know, mobile sector is booming these days and it’s not that difficult for web developers to take a transition into mobile development. It opens several ways for you to get succeeded; building mobile applications you can access a different market and be much more attractive for employers.

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