5 Timesaving Traits of WordPress 3.9

6 May 2014

WordPress’ new version 3.9 is pretty cool.

Here are the features which are most interesting:

1. Paragraphs Paste Perfectly

You can’t just paste in text from a Word-type document without the paragraph breaks doubling up and leaving gapping space between paragraphs. With WordPress 3.9 the days of backspacing up the paragraphs are ended.

2. Easy Image Resizing

We not only can drag and drop an image onto the Edit Page, which mechanically kicks it into the media library for upload, but we can also resize the image once it’s included onto the page!

No more opening an edit window and decreasing the image in 10% increments. That’s the past. Now, we can just take the corner and drag. So simple.

3. Widget Wisdom

Even with version 3.8, the Customize function actually was not influential enough to carry out tasks obtainable on a range of pages, but this Customize pushes that envelope.

Most appealing is the Widget drawers, although it is elusive across different themes. They come up effortlessly in default theme, but premium themes not so much.

When they do their job it’s pretty wonderful to add them and see an instant view of them in the sidebar.

No more saving the widget, and then restoring the front end to see how it appears. This is real-time widgeting and it will add months to your life.

4. Sight Gallery

It was really irritating to work with Media Galleries and the way the faceless Edit Page placeholder appeared to mock the time it cost me, finding the way between the back end of the Media Library and the front end of the page. Such a misuse of time, particularly when the Gallery got fussy in some themes.

Now photo nightmare is over! In WordPress 3.9 you can view the galleries in the Edit Page prior to you even save it. It would be pleasant if it previews as mosaic or in circles after setting off the Tiled Galleries plugin in Jetpack.

5. Audio Video Listing

The Create Audio Playlist functions preclude the requirement to set up a plugin to produce a nice playlist of songs.

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