Android Device Unlocking Feature That Leaves You Wondered!

19 February 2015

Birmingham: Everybody think that the need a little security and privacy when it comes to their mobile devices. This is exactly why we have lock screens that need unique patterns, passwords or PIN codes. These lock screen methods are not completely secure, as someone who peeps over your shoulder could see the password or the pin when you are entering it. But now, you don’t have to worry about the security of your Android device as it has launched a feature using which you can unlock your phone with your face.

The new feature in Android Lollipop called “Trusted face” provides an extremely improved version of face recognition technology which was first introduced in Android 4.0. The feature actually took too long to be convenient as it could have been tricked using the photograph of the device’s owner. But now, it can’t be done and it is most secured when compared to any other methods. So it won’t be a wonder if this feature kills Android passwords. Let’s get into detail to know a bit more about the feature.

Setting up trusted face:

The feature is no longer in the place where it used to be earlier. To enable this feature on your device, you will have to set a pattern, pin or a password to your screen. All that you have to do is, just go to Settings > Security > Screen Lock. Now with a secured lock screen, you can access the Smart Lock option under security preferences. Choose Smart Lock > Trusted face, complete the setup which requires a few snaps of your face.

Using your face to unlock:

As the operation is so rapid and a bit confusing, you need to know a bit more to use that feature. Once you are done with the setup, just lock the device and look at it; then you will find a small user icon which gets changed into an unlocked padlock icon if you have done correctly. Once the padlock icon is displayed, you can just slide it up to unlock the device. If it still remains locked, you can slide it up and enter the pin, password or pattern to unlock it.

Instant recognition:

It doesn’t take much of your time to unlock the device as the process just happens instantly. The beauty of this feature is that it seamlessly unlocks your device in the time that you are checking the notifications on the lock screen. By the time it takes for you to click on the notification to enter that particular app, the device will be unlocked and ready to use.

Making face recognition more accurate:

You might have to use your glasses sometimes or you may have seasonal beard; so in order to make the unlocking process still more accurate, just get into ‘Trusted face’ option and select ‘improve face matching’. Then allow your device to identify your face with any different angle or lighting, with a beard and clean shave, with and without glasses, or any other alternatives you think of.

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