Applying Application Design on Websites! Will it Work Well?

9 December 2016

Birmingham: Many users are in a wrong conception that, web design and application design are one and the same, but it’s not true. In fact, they are two very different things. The primary objective of a website is to provide information to the users, whereas the objective of an application is to allow users to perform a task. Of course, there are some websites which are aimed at making users take an action, but it’s achieved by just making the user consume the information being provided.

Website and Application Design

  • As the information takes the center stage in websites, the information architecture plays an important role in web designing. For instance, CNN is a website that has lots of information divided under various categories which can be accessed from the primary navigation menu. Also, they highlight the important pieces of information in the editor’s choice. As the main aim of CNN is to provide information to users, putting the info in an easy-to-find manner is of prime importance.
  • On the other hand, an application aims at helping people in organizing and managing their tasks. Consider an example of Trello, a web application which allows users to track and organizing their tasks and projects. Here in this app, the design is mainly aimed at making the user take an action and complete the task. So while designing a web application, you need to make sure that the users can complete the tasks they want to perform, and while designing a website, you need to make sure that the information is easily accessible.

Responsive Design doesn’t work well for Apps

  • As we all know, traditional applications work in a finite screen-space where you can’t usually span multiple screen lengths as you do in websites. The app interface may incorporate scrolling by itself, but it requires a fixed and dedicated place for itself.    
  • This directly means that, if you incorporate responsive design for an application, you will have to think carefully about how the elements on your application are going to fit within the space provided. Also, it has to be noted that responsive designs aren’t going to work great for apps. You might have to go to the old-school and create a separate version of the site to be viewed on different platforms.

Use Strong Error Handling

  • While designing an application, you need to keep in mind that the app must be smart enough to know when it’s not working as expected, and must be able to crash gently when it has to. Nothing can be more annoying to a user than the system slowing down to crawl and they are not able to close the app just because you were too lazy to use error handling to provide them a way to terminate the app.
  • So, while assembling a team to build web applications, it’s really a good idea to hire a few developers who are experienced in building traditional desktop apps. They can surely help you avoid simple development mistakes and ensure an efficient development process.

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