Drupal: Uses Composer Finally!

18 September 2013

Birmingham: There is mostly Composer for Drupal already, since Nils Aderman and Jordi Boggiano have published the Dependency Manager in April 2011. Because Core Entwicker Rob Loach published a matching in the same month Composer module for the CMS, his efforts, however, are not yet penetrated to all Drupal developers. But until the release of version 8 ni this year the community must be prepared for the new way of exchange of packets at the newest, because then dependencies are favored over the Packagist (and later also own Composer repository) resolved.

Specially Rob Loach and Senior Architect Larry Garfield have asked for DrupalCon in Portland on stage to clarify again what makes the Composer so thrilling. Strong messages were defined:

  • Ceases to reinvent the wheel!
  • Divides your code with others to get the open source world alive!
  • Try out not everything yourself, because that is only there in the pants!

At best, your looks at you the lecture on YouTube itself. , the films were released separately.

In the presentation already some solutions are presented that support them to experiment. About chicken library to make your Drupal installation fit for Composer. It is also recommended to read the Composer Guide for Drupal 8, to the Australian software company Cross Functional published. Also thrilling is the solution of the French from the home TheCodingMachine that Drupal 7 on your own available via Composer did.

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