Fresh Resources and Tools That Help Web Designers A Lot

13 October 2015

Birmingham: Finding the resources, services and web design tools has not remained as a challenge anymore as the marketplace is full of them with several good ones in each of these categories. But what makes it challenging is, choosing the appropriate product or service that suits your work the best.

Below mentioned is a list of top services and products that help web designers to give their best.

WordPress Themes

  1. X Theme: The users who are on latest X Theme version i.e. the version 4 are already babbling over it. This multi-purpose WordPress theme with app-like interface has been the fastest selling Themeforest theme. It has already been very popular with web design but with latest release, it is expected to become popular than ever before. One main reason for this excitement is the theme’s innovative front-end new page builder -Cornerstone.
  2. Enfold: Enfold has earned a well-deserved reputation being one among the most user-friendly WordPress themes; if not the friendliest, at least for its drag and drop functionality is concerned. As and when you create a design for the website, it just keeps you moving seamlessly from one operation to the other, creating page after a page leaving you wondered on whether you have skipped something.
  3. Be Theme: Having more than 40 core features, about 100 high-quality layouts and also the support deserving a 10 rating, Be Theme has turned to be the one that can be called a ‘Big’ Theme. While using Be Theme, you don’t have to worry about coding as the developers who built the theme have paid a close attention to coding while building it.

Website Builders and Platforms

  1. XPRS: You can just think of Lego which can be modified to suit your needs and you will have an idea about the functions of XPRS. With tons of professional templates, the building block methodology and POLYDOMS web scheme (no coding required), XPRS allows you to build anything within minutes and also cuts your design workload into half.
  2. Webydo: Webydo allows professional designers to create responsive websites. It offers a code free cloud platform that enables the designers to lead website creation market by providing a captivating alternative for the designers who are looking to break away the tradition process of handling the work.  Also, you don’t have to use different tools for wire-framing, prototyping, managing and publishing; Webydo provides an all-in-one solution.

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