How to Avoid SEO Disasters?

15 July 2014

Birmingham​: A well-organized SEO campaign with a lasting focus can facilitate in developing your business into a profit generating powerhouse. All that can be rubbed out right way with a single SEO mistake. Some SEO errors will not only hurt your lead generation attempts or sales but can take you out of business.

SEO failures are both time consuming and fiscal burdens. These disasters can take up several company resources and cause massive stress. In addition, many SEO errors are small but vital and can obstruct business without budding into a full-fledged disaster.

Here are the 3 most frequent and harmful SEO mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Don’t Overlook 301 redirects

A search engine like Google builds and keeps up a vast index of websites and each page of those websites. If a person opts to upgrade their eCommerce store or online existence to a different system, their search engine rankings can be got rid of kilter, if they are not alert.

When someone recovers an old website with a latest version, they may alter the addresses or URLs for their webpages. For instance, an eCommerce website that used to comprise a product webpage at might move information about that product to  The difficulty is Google will keep on sending traffic to the address of the old page. When visitors turn up there, they will find nothing but an error message notifying them that the page they are seeking is missing. Google will finally eradicate the missing webpages from its index, and the eCommerce website’s product pages will not get traffic anymore.

The solution to this setback is to generate a 301 redirect. This bit of code notifies Google that the webpage that was at a definite address is now at a new address. This small twist directs traffic to where it is believed to go, and will facilitate a website continue to position well in the search engines when key changes are made to the website formation.

2. Don’t Employ Identical Title Tags

The title tag is a small bit of code that exists on each page. How significant is it? The Moz website says the title tag is second most vital on-page SEO element. The title tag notifies search engines what that page is about. If all your title tags are the same, then to a search engine this is like walking into a bookstore where every book, irrespective of its content has the same cover.

The solution is to develop a sole content tag for each page. It must be concise, precise, and obviously show the content to be found on the page.

3. Don’t Create Low-Quality Inbound Links

Google, in large part chooses how to grade your website depending on the quality of links pointing to your website that are inappropriate to what your website is all about, you may even be fined. It used to be that these backlinks or inbound links were not put through the identical level of inspection by Google as they are now. Quality trumped quantity. Consequently, companies put up hundreds, even thousands or tens of thousands of links to improve their rankings. Now that practice has failed, as Google considers this practice as a form of search-engine spam or abuse. Many companies that formerly had great rankings have observed their rankings and traffic drop distinctly and in some cases fade away.

To resolve this problem, Google suggests website owners attempt to take out all the low quality links. This can be a difficult and prolonged process, particularly for a company that has many low quality backlinks. One must spot the inferior-quality links and then speak to the owners of all the websites and request they delete them. Some website owners will charge a fee – generally $10 to $20 – to delete the links. For those links that can’t be deleted, Google suggests rejecting the links, which means asking the search engine not “take certain links into account when assessing your site”. The positive news is that once this process is done, rankings can recover within some months, if not some weeks.

Once the low quality links have been deleted, it’s essential to create high-quality inbound links to one’s website. The top links come when you build superior-quality content on your website that people naturally want to link to.

You have spent a lot of time and money in your website to develop your business. Don’t let one of these simple errors take everything away from you.

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