How to Change Your Blog From Tumblr To WordPress?

29 July 2013

Birmingham: Are you are seeking to learn more about Tumblr and WordPress? See here for more details on the differences between the two publishing platforms and for some insights and help on choosing between the two. On the other hand if you are already using Tumblr and if you are feeling to switch your blog from Tumblr to WordPress keep reading.

Tumblr was put up in 2007 and has experienced big growth in the social media space. It makes it simple for people to pursue other people and post their own videos, pictures, quotes and videos in a very simple interface that looks and functions much more like a social medial platform than a blogging platform.

Tumblr is a great introduction into publishing but you may outgrow its features and functionality and that’s where software like WordPress comes into picture. For your blogging needs, WordPress is the most accepted and widely used platform. It is a flexible piece of software that gives you full control and ownership in terms of the way you run your online projects, and whole thing from the look and feel of your site to the way you publish and present your content and to the way monetize it.

For people who are ready to change from Tumblr to WordPress, there is a free Tumblr to WordPress Importer plugin that migrates all your content and posts from your Tumblr account into your WordPress blog. The process is all done in the browser, takes hardly your time and you do not need any tech know-how. Imports using the Tumblr Importer plugin have increased noticeably since the word got out that Yahoo was buying Tumblr and the numbers went from 400-600 posts an hour imported, to over 72,000 posts an hour imported from Tumblr to WordPress presently.

 Here’s an easy step-by-step guide on moving your online presence from Tumblr to WordPress. WordPress is open software and you require a hosting account to be able to run the software. Bluehost is a great option for a host. It features a one-click WordPress set up process, and offers you a free domain name for your blog and a economical hosting account. The process of starting a blog takes only 5 minutes and you can do it without any prior experience.

Now that you have your WordPress blog setup and ready, please do follow this process inside your new WordPress admin dashboard to transfer all your Tumblr content archives into your new WordPress blog. Note that your Tumblr likes and reblogs will not be imported as that is part of the Tumblr network and cannot be replicated on your new WordPress home.

This is the step-by-step process:

  1. In your WordPress admin go into Tools – Import
  2. Click “Tumblr” to install Tumblr Importer plugin that imports the content from your Tumblr blog
  3. In the “Install Importer” pop-up click “Install Now”
  4. Tumblr Importer is now being installed. When done click “Activate Plugin & Run Importer”
  5. Type in your Tumblr email and password, and click “Connect To Tumblr”
  6. Select which WordPress user should be listed as author of imported posts and click “Import This Blog”

Presently, the process of importing your Tumblr blog content to your WordPress blog starts. It will take few minutes depending on how large your blog is, so do stay a little bit and click on “Refresh View” to see the status of how many posts, drafts and pages have been imported from Tumblr.

When all the posts have been imported, the process is done. You can now see all your old Tumblr posts and other content on your new WordPress blog. Now is the time for you to explore the world of WordPress, start building more new content and go out there to build a readership for all the cool stuff that you have published.

WordPress is a great piece of software so do take some time to learn about all the choices you now have, as you may be astonished with all the functionality and features you now have access to, and most significant you will be surprised by the accessibility when implementing some major changes.

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