Is It Worth Installing iOS 8.1.1 on Your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus?

10 December 2014

Birmingham: With several problems on iOS 8.1 are still continuing to whirl, Apple has rolled out its brand new update for iPhone and iPad. The new update doesn’t render the massive service as that arrived with previous year’s iOS 7 update.But still it has brought some important features to the table like Apple Pay, improved notifications, a new keyboard, camera app, changes in iMessage and more.

iOS 8.1.1 review:

Apps: A recent study about iOS 8.1.1 on iPhone 6 has given a positive feedback. Analysis was made while iPhone 6 having more than 50 apps, where all the apps were used frequently in order to provide a valuable feedback to the users. But it is found that they have got nothing but a positive feedback. Applications have been working really well with latest iOS 8.1.1.

They have found the Google chrome getting crashed occasionally, but this has happened on all the versions of iOS 8 and not just on iOS 8.1.1. Except that all  the other popular apps like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are working exceptionally well. If at all you are still encountering problems on iOS 8.1.1, you need to think of passing the feedback to the developer which could help them in resolving the issues.

Battery life: According to the study, battery life has been solid on iPhone 6 and the users are getting the backup of more than a day even when they are using a combo of Wi-Fi and LTE. It’s getting charged very fast and there are no abnormal drain outs.

If you find any abnormalities related to battery life after the upgrade, any of your apps might be running badly or you may not have maintained the device properly. In such cases, it is advised to have a look on iOS 8.1.1 battery life fixes which could give you some ideas on the betterment of battery life.

Connectivity: Bluetooth, cellular data and Wi-Fi was a major problem for many iPhone 6 users on iOS 8.1. But, no such issues are found on iOS 8.1.1. Wi-Fi connection seems to be strong on both public and private connections. Also, the LTE network is delivering strong speeds without any drops.

If you are consistently facing problems related to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity, you need to think of upgrading your router and also need to check out for the list of fixes on the issues.

Bugs and issues: Are there bugs on iOS 8.1.1? Most probably yes! But as of now, no major bugs have been encountered. If the update had any massive bug, it would have been noticed by now.

It can’t be assured that there are no bugs, as iOS bugs have a habit of appearing late. It seems to be stable in the beginning and you will start facing the problems later. So,if you’re dealing with any problems after the update, it is advised to have a look at the potential fixes on bugs.

So is it worth installing iOS 8.1.1 on iPhone 6?

Definitely yes! Recent analysis shows that the updated version is performing exceptionally well in major areas like connectivity, battery life and speed. So you can definitely make a move on to the latest iOS 8.1.1 update.

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