Make Your Story an Animated Movie with Plotagon App

14 January 2015

Birmingham: Many times you might have come across a situation where you just walked out of a movie theatre saying that you could have done a far better movie! Why don’t you try it now? Yes! You can now give a shape to your story and make it an animated movie using an iOS app called Plotagon. The app puts the simple movie making tools at your fingertips like the characters in the move, noises and sets.

Using Plotagon, you can seamlessly create a good movie by supplying the story and assembling the characters if you have a clear vision of what you want. The app actually generates an animated version of the script. It lets you decide how the characters in the movie interact with each other.

How Plotagon works?

Plotagon was launched in July 2014 for PC, Mac and iPad; recently the app arrived for iPhone so that you can now make movies anywhere, anytime. You can start by adding the characters and their locations within a scene. Later you can add the dialogues along with the appropriate facial expressions (happy, angry, goofy or any other). You can also add some actions like high-five, push and so on.

Plotagon lets you expand your stories by enabling to add new characters, scenes and several exciting features which are launched frequently. The free version of the app comes with limited number of characters and scenes. But you are not confined to use only those characters; you can add many more characters by purchasing the application. Same in case of locations; it’s limited to the most common places like offices, schools and household rooms. But you can add more locations after purchasing the app.

Key features of Plotagon app

  1. You can select your favourite genre (comedy, action or drama).
  2. You can make the characters hug, slap or even kiss each other.
  3. The app boosts up the scene with the background music and other sound effects.
  4. Once you are done with the script, you can press play and enjoy the 3D animated movie created by you.
  5. Plotagon also lets you share your creations on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.
  6. You can also follow some skilled creators and get some ideas on creating such movies.


Plotagon is a movie making app filled with lots of fun. You will definitely have a great time while playing around with it. With each new action, you will enjoy your own creation and reach up to the peaks of hilariousness.

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