Much Awaited Drupal 8 is Launched on 19th November 2015

19 November 2015

Birmingham: Being one among the most popular Content Management Systems, Today Drupal is being used as a framework for about 2.1% of all the websites across the globe. This is all because, Drupal is a forefront platform that supports the latest technologies the web has to offer.

Also, the platform is easy to use and it encourages modularity, standards, collaboration and more. And now the amazing features of Drupal 8 seem to take the platform to the peak of popularity. Here are a few notable features of Drupal 8:

  1. Multilingual Capabilities: When it comes to the deployment of your web presence for global audience, Drupal 8 is capable of translating anything in the system to any language using its built-in interfaces. You can also get the software translation updates from the Drupal community automatically.
  2. Configuration Management: Drupal 8 is said to be released with the file system-based configuration management system that makes it seamless to transport configuration changes like new content types, views or fields. It also allows you to use version control for your configuration.
  3. Accessibility: We have seen in the release candidate that Drupal 8 has added extensive support for standard accessibility technologies like WAI-ARIA. Drupal 8 is also working provide a more semantic HTML5. With ARIA Live Announcements API and TabManager, It provides a centralized control for rich internet applications.
  4. Fun and Fast Theming: Drupal 8 also includes a fast, flexible and secure template engine called Twig which brings several simplifications along with greater security. Twig also makes designing beautiful themes much easier than ever before.
  5. More Field Power: Drupal 8 expand the signature content structuring system by adding more number of field types in the core. It also allows you to attach fields to more types of content. Generally new types include entity reference, date, link, email, etc.
  6. Views:  It has been a very popular Drupal add-on module which allows non developers to create posts, lists, tables, galleries, graphs, maps, menu items and so on. In Drupal 8, ‘views’ is built into the core CMS and is deeply integrated. The front page listing is now a view, so that you can easily customize the front page, listing blocks and more.

With all these mind-blowing features, Drupal 8 is successfully launched on November 19th 2015.

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