Using SEO to drive traffic

30 May 2012

Birmingham : Using SEO to drive traffic

Three tactics: 

1. Produce content that is worth sharing

In the field of SEO, content is still king. In fact, it is one of the most important factors for visitor retention and search engine crawling. Google's Keyword Tool is an invaluable tool for SEO content creators; however, enthusiasts should beware of focusing all their attention on keywords to the detriment of their writing.

Good content has a way of spreading, because people like to share valuable information. If your content is useful, people will be inclined to share it on social networks, link to it in their blog posts and add it to their newsletters. This results in a brilliant chain reaction that can do wonders for your website SEO. 

2. Ensure SEO-friendly website architecture

Much the way you organize files and photographs on your computer by subfolders, grouping them according to date or theme, your website architecture should be organized for SEO purposes. This is one of the more technical aspects of SEO, but it is certainly worth pursuing if you have a budget at your disposal. Your website's sitemaps allow search bots to know which pages to index, the priority of pages and how often to index them. Good site architecture is crucial if you want your website to rank well on search engines. 

3. Use a link building strategy

Google assigns value to one page over another by analyzing the quality and quantity of links pointing to a particular page, so using a solid link building strategy is crucial. Some effective ways of increasing the amount of good-quality links to your website include partner linking, content distribution and listing on business directories. This is known as off-site SEO and it remains one of the most effective ways to increase your website's ranking. Partner linking involves using your contacts and asking them to link back to your site in their content or under their resources section.

Content distribution comprises submitting articles to content distributors who then disseminate your articles through their networks, with links back to your website URL.

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