Web Design Vs SEO Vs Social Media

2 July 2012

Birmingham : Working hard on only getting a great design for our website, may end you up with just a pretty website which has no web presence. Focusing only on search engine optimization and not any other aspect will make your website responsive to the search engine robots instead of your visitors that will increase your bounce rate. And focusing only on social media will not help you in getting returns of your huge investment.

Web design, SEO, and social media are 3 major elements that will help you in making your website's internet marketing strategy effective and successful. Reaching out to your visitors calls for an efficient SEO. If you want to convert them into sales, you require a great web design. And if you wish to build a viral marketing campaign with a brand image, social media is just the right thing for you.

Being a business owner I am sure you understand that one-size-fit-all policy doesn't work in the online marketing world. Every step you take should be relevant for you business and must enhance its working.

Before starting with a marketing strategy for your online business you must go over these questions:

What is the goal of your business? What are the pros and cons in your website?

What strategies are you working upon to attract customers? How much investment you have made to implement these strategies? What is the amount of traffic you are getting through it?

What is the main objective of your website? Is it to satisfy existing customers? Or you want to capture new ones?

What is the current status of your online marketing? Is it helping in your overall business objective? Are there any loopholes than needs to be fixed?

Only by taking a look at these crucial points of your business, a proper implementation of SEO and social media can be done. Therefore every Web Designer must start by reviewing their business goals. You must always keep this in mind that a marketing strategy that works wonders for a business may not be the right one for your online business. Therefore you must take professional help for the betterment of your website. There are 2 major departments with whom you can work: first are the technicians i.e. the experts at SEO, social media, and web design, and the other are business professionals who can help you assess and design the marketing strategy that is correct for you.

Having an articulate marketing strategy is more important than understanding the significance of web design, SEO, and social media. So choose the best one that is relevant to your business objectives. This is how you will be able to incur returns on your investments.

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