Will Microsoft Rule The Smartphone Market Yet Again?

7 August 2015

Birmingham: If you just take a look at Microsoft’s mobile device strategy, it definitely makes you feel that the company could just give up phone business. With the long list of failures, the Microsoft’s software is currently being used by less than just 3% of the total smartphone users. Meanwhile the app developers started focusing more on Android and iOS devices which led to the loss of $8.4 billion which was the largest quarterly loss for Microsoft.

Microsoft was actually the pioneer of smartphone industry which used to build the software that powered the phones before iOS or Android came into existence. The tech giant Microsoft has been working on its plans which included the release of Windows phone in 2010.  But seeing the continuous failures, experts started saying that if they still continue making mistakes, it would be very hard for them to recover from the loss.

Acquired the handset business of Nokia

In early 2014, Microsoft bought the handset business of Nokia which was one of the biggest phone makers in the world. Nokia was also the biggest partner of Microsoft and hence the company thought that buying the biggest device partner could help them in establishing a place for itself in the group of leading phone makers. But it seemed to be an utter failure and the company just lost billions of dollars by making a wrong move.

Microsoft to bring low-cost handsets

Though the company’s strategies have been a series of failures, the CEO Satya Nadella says that Microsoft has not given up the business. He also says that he’s committed to the first party devices which include phones as well. The company is planning to bring low-cost handsets, phones and gadgets which can go head to head with Android and iOS devices.

Windows 10 is the only belief

The CEO of the company is so confident because Windows 10 has just been released and phone business is the critical part of this new operating system. Nadella also says that the company is focusing more on building a vibrant Windows ecosystem which includes the company’s first-party device family.

Smartphones to be your desktop computers

All that the company needs is to make the customers feel like they can run the apps on any device; it means if you just plug in your smartphone to a PC monitor, you must be able to use the device as a desktop computer. A feature called Continuum is one of the key areas that set Windows 10 mobiles apart from their competitors.

If Microsoft brings a device through which you can talk and use it as a full-blown PC with all the capabilities, it could win certain class of users for sure. This is just a glimpse on how the company could position its phone platform as a powerhouse for managing certain tasks that the competitor products cannot.

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